Please let us know if there is an abbreviation you don’t know. We generally only add to this list when a question is posed.

This list will grow as we add abbreviations to the listings. Please let us know if you get hung up on any term in our lists.

  • PB – Parker Brothers
  • MB – Milton Bradley
  • Header card – cardboard folded top card usually attached to a clear bag in which the item is held.
  • Crazing-fine age lines that develop on surface of glazed pottery. Caused by changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Corner split – fairly common occurrence on boxed games and puzzles. Corner is split along its edge, sometimes to the top of the box.
  • NRFB or NRFP – Never removed from box/package
  • MIP – Mint in package
  • Litho – loosely used to describe art work applied to the surface of an item. This may include metal items and cardboard items. Most often used in board game lid art.
  • Anodized – colors created on aluminum pieces via electric process.
  • Hairline – used when a ceramic item has a very thin crack usually caused by aging. Generally does not effect the integrity of the piece and is not a break per se. We always note when the items integrity has been effected and rarely include such items unless they are difficult to obtain in any condition.
  • Top Sheet – Flat sheet in bed set.
  • Fitted Sheet – Elastic corner sheet to put over mattress
  • Sheet Set – Includes both a Top and Fitted sheet. Pillow cases may be included but they will always be noted and are not included normally.
  • Deadstock – Old store item that is unused and never sold. Sometimes referred to as NOS (never off shelf). Often come with original packaging, tags, etc.. These items may further be called “new old stock”. Unused.
  • M – Mint
  • NM – Near Mint
  • Exc – Excellent
  • VG – Very Good
  • G – Good
  • F – Fair
  • P – Poor