About us

“You can’t spell Funk without FUN!”sm


Funk & Junk® has been involved in the Collectibles and Antique business since 1978 and we pride ourselves on personal, speedy service for every step of your order.

It’s about a lifestyle. Not just the accent knick-knack or a Hawaiian shirt pulled out only for parties but, instead, it’s a personal change for the better both in terms of living, appearance and mental well being.

Not ready for a lifestyle change? That’s ok, it will come with time and, in the meantime, you can start slowly with an individual Collectible or piece of vintage – you’ll be back!.

The site usually has 6-7000 items covering all aspects of collecting as well as accents for your home (or body!). Crisp pictures will help you narrow down your choices (a tough task indeed!).

Additionally, you will find another large selection of classic Men’s and Women’s Vintage Clothing in our Sister store, Digital Vintage.

Style is not something passing but a way of life. It’s not only about what you wear and surround yourself with but how it makes you and others around you feel and act.

Your style is something that you should enjoy even when you’re alone.

Surround yourself with memories, comfort and elegance while maintaining your own sense of style and not going broke in the process..

Collectors rejoice, we carry an eclectic range of collectibles from Action figures to Viewmaster plus a huge selection of period, vintage clothing at Digital Vintage so you’ll look cool while you’re shopping. If collecting is your bag we have it!

Not Retro but the real thing!