Grading and Sizing

Special Grading Considerations for some Categories
& Vintage Clothing Sizing Charts

We rely primarily on full descriptions and pictures for you to evaluate the condition of the items we are selling. We will, however, occasionally refer simply to a traditional grading scale list.

However, we try not to rely on this for the simple reason that this scale (as well as most utilized in this business) are subjective and vague. We make every attempt to be conservative when using this scale.

We also take into consideration the items intended use when grading and grade accordingly. For example, (also see comics and records examples below), a Movie pressbook was passed around and handled a great deal and usually many ad mats were cut out from them. So as not to mislead, we will hardly every use NM or M when referring to items such as this. In this case, Excellent will almost always be as high as it will go and would be likened to a Mint item with use considered.

Again, please utilize the FULL description when making your purchases as we make every effort to discuss all significant defect.

From lowest quality to highest the grading scale is as follows:

  1. Poor
  2. Fair
  3. Good*
  4. Very Good
  5. Excellent
  6. Near Mint
  7. Mint
  8. NRFB-never removed from box/package

Additionally, this list can be broken down with plus and minus to indicate somewhere between two strata.

Some listings may include abbreviations for the grading scale:

  • M – Mint
  • NM – Near Mint
  • Exc – Excellent
  • VG – Very Good
  • G – Good
  • F – Fair
  • P – Poor

*With regards to Comics, posters, magazines, books and other like paper items – a Good comic, etc. is the average read/used/handled book with normal wear and tear. Generally speaking, the lowest grade will be Fair which may feature slightly more wear and some tears.

Please note that though for a number of reasons we don’t buy into external rating systems, it is important to note at least with Comic Books that our “Good” is probably closer to Overstreet’s “Fine/6..” in most cases. Again, use our rating, picture and description for determination but this is worth noting.

*With regards to Records – a Good record is playable and shows normal wear that may include scratches and marks from use. They should play all the way through. Generally, this is the lowest grade we will carry unless the record is particularly hard to get/rare.

*With regards to Lunch Boxes – a Good lunch box is one with normal use wear. By there very nature, lunch boxes have a little edge wear, occasional interior finish lose, etc.. We will always call attention even to this normal wear by stating, for example, “edge wear”, etc. so the description should give you everything you need to decide.

*With regards to Trading cards (including Sports and Non-Sports) – a Good card is one with normal use wear and maybe slight manufacturing errors (eg. very slight off center). Excellent is generally the highest rating we award and even these cards may have the slightest defects but overall will have crisp, original color and very little edge wear, etc.. We make every attempt to grade these cards conservatively.

Please do not hesitate to call us with any condition questions. Any defects that may be left out are not left out on purpose. It is in our best interest to convey to you the most accurate description and condition possible.

How we measure Vintage Clothing:

Shirts and Blouses and similar tops:

  • Both bust and chest measurements are taken from bottom of underarm to bottom of other underarm and then multiplied by 2 to get the total measurement.
  • When an item has an original size tag we will add it to our description followed by the actual measurements.
  • Generally we will only include other measurements if the cut of the piece is unusual such as an extreme taper to waist (versus a normal and expected taper), etc..

Pants and Slacks:

  • Waist measurements are similarly taken with a measurement across that is then multiplied by 2.
  • “Length” of pants or inseam is measured from the center of the crotch along the side seam of the pants/slacks

Eye and Sunglasses:
We will indicate the measurement across the temple/brow from highest end point to end point. We will also provide 2 measurements for the arms, one which will start at the end of the arm to the bend in the hinge and another that will provide the entire length to the highest end point of the temple/brow.
Feel free to make any additional requests for other measurements (please provide us with exactly what you want measured).

For the few straggling listings that have not been updated with actual measurements (AND ONLY THOSE!), please utilize the ranges in the charts below.

Mens shirt,jacket sizing (Coats will utilize only chest measurements)

Size noted Neck Chest
Small 14-14 1/2″ 38-39″
Medium 15-15 1/2″ 40-42″
Large 16-16 1/2″ 42-44″
X-Large 16 1/2 -17 1/2″ 44-46″

Please note that fitted, tapered and otherwise stylized clothing will be measured as closely as possible to the above charts with notations in the description of exceptions.

Women’s dresses and blouses

Size noted Bust Waist
8 31 1/2″ 24″
10 32 1/2″ 25″
12 34″ 26 1/2″
14 36″ 28″
16 38″ 30″
18 40″ 32″

Please note that fitted, tapered and otherwise stylized clothing will be measured as closely as possible to the above charts with notations in the description of exceptions. Also, Chemise style dresses will be measured for bust only due to their straight line styling.